Case Study

How We Average 48 New Patient Leads Per Month


New Patient Leads 2019

  • January - 36

  • February - 39

  • March - 51

  • April - 32

  • May - 46

  • June - 52

  • July - 54

  • August - 54

  • September - 71

  • Total YTD - 435

Testimonial - Dr. Brett Silverman of ACFDGA

“If you’re a healthcare provider or another office looking to use Force Media for a branding video, don’t waste anytime thinking about it. Just go do it. This is one of the best things we’ve done. It has greatly increased our new patient conversion. I’m just like any other medical office where I’m a little resistant because everybody is out there to make you spend money without any promised results. They did what they said, it really turned out fabulous and we are hearing about it daily." - Dr. Brett S. Silverman DDS, MAGD

Step 1. Create Brand Video.

We conducted research on the office, interviewed doctors, staff, patient testimonials and highlighted the features that makes this office unique and a great experience.

Step 2: Write Direct & Long Ad Copy.

We created custom audiences on Facebook and ran this video ad to targeted demographics to ensure we are attracting the highest quality patients possible.

Real Facebook Comments

Step 3: Create Landing Page

We created a conversion landing page to funnel new patient leads. Depending on the campaign it could be a name, email, phone number or a message.


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