Our Specialities

  • Branding Videos

  • Meet The Doctors

  • Patient Stories

  • Animated Videos

  • Office Tours 

Branding Videos

The internet is a competitive space to be marketing your business, especially in the medical field. Branding videos are a great way to show patients why your office and staff are unique. It helps separate you from your competition. 

Meet The Doctor

Patients choose the office they go to based off the Doctor. In these videos, we tell the story of who you are, what makes you different and why you love what you do.

Dr. Mohip shares her story of how she became a dentist and why patients are like her family.

 Patient Stories

Referrals are one of the strongest ways you can grow your practice. If a patient is looking to have a procedure done, the first thing they do is read your reviews. With video testimonials, you can showcase your patients results throughout your website and social media.  

Leslie loves Shining Smiles and it feels like she is seeing her sisters anytime she visits.

Animated Videos

Do you have a procedure or complex topic you want to communicate easily with your patients? Animated videos make your office run more efficiently by decreasing the number of questions patients call, text or email. They also increase patient satisfaction because the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Office Tours

Office Tour videos are a phenomenal way to give a patient a feel of the practice before they ever step inside. We use this video as an opportunity to showcase why your office is unique. 

A recent office tour we filmed for Children’s Dental Zone. The office has a movie theater, slide, video games, coffee bar and much more!