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Learn about our motivation to create a better kind of marketing agency.

Our Story

Our Brand

Our Story

About Us

Our company history.

We are a marketing agency that fell in love with creating videos.

When our founder started Force Media in 2016, we were a podcast production agency offering marketing consulting. We quickly realized that video was the future of digital marketing and dove head first into the world of video production. We understand anyone can make a video or marketing funnel, but how many can do both in-house?

This is where we are different.

We’re a production company cross-trained in digital advertising. We don’t just make your business look great on camera, we also leverage our sophisticated advertising funnel to market your video to your ideal customers—whether they’re right down the road or all over the world.

How we serve our clients.

We intentionally work with a limited number of clients in order to provide the best value for both teams. Working closely with our clients allows us to learn how their operations function, to understand why they're unique and to discover what attracts their target market.

No one wants to waste money—especially when you’re trying to make money—and this mindset often leads to the belief that a larger price tag alone means more results. Whether you spend $10,000 or $100,000 on a video for your company, however, it’s money down the drain if you’re not reaching your target audience.

Maybe you’ve been there. You’ve sunk thousands of dollars into empty marketing promises that never paid off. At Force Media, we don’t want to see you waste another dime on ineffective advertising.

Most agencies will try to overcomplicate marketing campaigns, but there is only one metric that matters: Is your business growing? When you work with Force Media, you will actually see the new growth in your business. If you don’t, we will remove ourselves from the project.

Our Story

Our Promise

Honest marketing backed by results.

When we partner with businesses to create dynamic digital ads, we consistently see anywhere from a 2x to a 10x return on investment—and we’re not talking about vanity metrics and confusing data.

We believe in transparent reporting that gets you high-quality leads. Likes and comments are nice, but they don’t grow your business. We want to help get your phone ringing and your inbox full of real potential customers. We believe in our services so strongly that we offer:

  • No long-term contracts
  • Case studies with proven data
  • Lists of our clients to verify our reputation

As a small business ourselves, we know you don’t want to waste money. You want to make smart investments with a payoff that you can see. With our proven track record and seamless marketing process, we are confident we can take you from concept to execution and produce results that grow your business.

Our Story

Who We serve

We work with businesses of all sizes.

The size of the business is not what's important. The people, values and product are what matters most to Force Media. We value our team's creativity and time.

We aren't going to invest our skills into a company we don't believe in just to get a paycheck.

Before we commit to working with a new client, there are internal questions we ask each member of our team:

  • Do our company values align?
  • Do we believe in what they are selling?
  • Do we believe our services can provide value?

It’s essential the answer is yes to those questions because we pride ourselves on the longterm relationships we build with our clients. When you work with Force Media, you are working with a team that is fueled by creativity, backed by results and operated with integrity.

We work with a variety of business types, including:
  • Real estate, landscapers, construction, and home services
  • Health centers, dentists, doctors, and most medical companies
  • SaaS, app, tech and software companies
  • Sports teams and gyms
  • E-commerce brands (both online and offline)
  • Marketing and production agencies

Want to see if Force Media is the right fit for your business? Head on over to our discovery form to book a call with our team!