Case Study: How We Earned Our Landscaping Client Over $400,000 a Year

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Who is Outside Landscape Group?
  • Step 2: Determine the Target Audience
  • Step 3: Create/Design Advertising Materials
  • Step 4: Real Leads, Real Results
  • Conclusion

Outside Landscape Group Pool Installation
Beautiful pool installation project by Outside Landscape Group.


Marketing your brand can be difficult when it is so hard to identify what will create the best response in your customers. Take it from us: We’ve seen several wonderful businesses struggle for unknown reasons. Just because it is difficult, though, doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, with our media marketing assistance, we directly earned one of our clients $425,262 in sales in just one year. 

How is this possible? What did we do to find these results? Are these results we could apply to your business next?

My name is Hannah Robertson, Force Media’s copywriter with years of writing experience. In this blog post, we are going to answer each of these questions as we cover the steps we took to find our client the success they were looking for.  

Step 1: Who is Outside Landscape Group?

Outside Landscape Group was introduced to Force Media through a referral. We set an initial consultation meeting to understand their marketing goals and found that they were an established luxury landscaping firm looking for consistent, high quality leads in their target market. It was clear to our team they were the right fit as a client, so we created a proposal and they quickly signed on to work with us.

Before we started creating marketing assets, it was vital that we learned more about Outside Landscape Group and their target market. We began with an intense discovery meeting to learn about what makes their company unique, and what specific types of clients they wanted to market, sell to, and work with. 

What we found is that Outside Landscape Group is a full-service luxury landscaping firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia and Lake Martin, Alabama. They specialize in design, development, and construction of luxury, resort-style landscapes. If you dream it, they can build it.

Just check out the incredible Lake Martin properties they’ve worked on:

With work this incredible, they were not hurting for new clients. They simply wanted high-end leads in the areas closer to their HQ to save time on travel costs. Luckily, they came to the right media marketing company for help. With Force Media, we can find your exact customer and send them to your business.

Step 2: Determine the Target Audience

Now that we understood Outside Landscape Group and the problem they were having, we began to research the target audience and the best way to appeal to them. This is a critical starting step because if we were to put their product in front of the wrong market, their money would be wasted. 

We focused on a list of zip codes that fit the profile of the client’s target market and included Facebook users who are interested in gardening, landscape design, and landscaping. 

We chose this defined audience because we are looking for leads who are passionate about creating a beautiful yard. The ultimate goal was to find leads of great quality, not quantity, to properly demonstrate the quality of Outside Landscape Group's services. 

Step 3: Create/Design Advertising Materials

With Facebook as our target platform, we began to create creative materials and ads that spoke directly to Outside Landscape Group’s target market. Since we were so early into the marketing stage, we decided to try a variety of photo and video ads to see what made the most lasting impression. 

1. Pictures

We used singular photos that showed the luxury services that Outside Landscape Group wanted to sell. This included finished products like pools, fire pits, hardscapes, etc. as well as before-and-after photos of their top projects.

2. Videos

We created a video library that showed their gorgeous portfolio of work along with the progress their clients expect to see when working with them. These videos were made with the goal of planting inspiration and desire in potential customers that could motivate them to reach out and set a design consultation meeting.

3. Ad Copy

We designed short-form and long-form ad copy to see which one produced better results. Short-form ad copy consists of fewer words, such as those found on billboards or flyers, whereas long-form ad copy consists of more words, as found on blog posts or how-to guides.

For OLG, the long form copy has consistently performed better for years.

Short-form and long-form ad copy for OLG
Short-form (left) and long-form (right) ad copy we made

4. Landing Page

We designed a conversion-focused landing page for customers to go after viewing the photos, videos, and ad copies we designed. This page intentionally doesn't have a navigation bar so that the only thing prospective customers can do is learn about the company and fill out their information to receive a free quote. 

The information gathered from the landing page is then delivered, and the Outside Landscape Group sales team follows up and closes the deal. 

Outside Landscape Group landing page

Step 4: Real Leads, Real Results

This strategy that we have implemented with Outside Landscape Group has allowed the company to access customers who prefer photos, videos, short-form copy, and long-form copy to get them to that landing page as paying customers. 

As a result, we have consistently delivered $400k+ in annual sales since we began our partnership. Satisfied by the remarkable growth in his business, OLG owner Rick Kaldrovics is continually satisfied with the results he finds from Force Media.

“Our firm has been working with Force Media and Jordan for several years. It is with great enthusiasm that we recommend his firm to any company considering a marketing partner! He and his team have become an essential part of our business and have time and time again gone well beyond their expected service. The results that Force Media produced have exceeded expectations and delivered incredible success with our campaigns! Jordan goes the extra mile and is committed at all times to looking out for our best interests and we look forward to our continued partnership moving forward!"


Key takeaways:

  • We began our relationship with Outside Landscape Group by determining what they wanted from our services.
  • Then, we decided which audience to target and how we wanted to target them by running tests and performing research.
  • Outside Landscape Group found their desired results through the picture, video, written ad copy, and web content we created for their marketing campaign.

There you have it! Now you know how Force Media turned a difficult marketing situation into consistent annual profit. Every business has different target audiences and different advertising needs, so if you’re having trouble recognizing yours, we are here to help! Please fill out this application link, and our team will review your application and get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading, and we can’t wait to make your business our next great success story. 

September 21, 2023
from our office in
Atlanta, GA

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