Is Force Media the Right Media Marketing Agency for You?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Media Marketing Agencies?
  • Who Does Force Media Work With?
  • Why Does Force Media Not Work with Everyone?
  • Conclusion

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When you work with Force Media, you are working with a team that is fueled by creativity, backed by results, and operated with integrity. But how can you tell if we are the right team to get your job done? The answer lies in acknowledging that we, as a media marketing agency, have to ask ourselves this same question before deciding to work with a new client. 

My name is Hannah Robertson: Force Media’s copywriter. Today, I am going to walk you through what Force Media looks for in clients and why we don’t work with every business that reaches out.

What are Media Marketing Agencies?

Media marketing agencies like Force Media specialize in both marketing and video production to create campaigns for clients. Unlike traditional video production companies, media marketing agencies are versed in marketing strategies and know what will give brands the best results.

Who Does Force Media Work With?

At Force Media, we have the marketing and video production knowledge to welcome clients of a variety of businesses of any size. We never shy away from working with new businesses, big or small. 

Some business types we have worked with in the past include: 

  • Real estate, landscapers, construction, and home services;
  • Health centers, dentists, doctors, and most medical companies;
  • SaaS, app, tech and software companies;
  • Sports teams and gyms;
  • E-commerce brands (both online and offline);
  • Marketing and production agencies.

…And we are always excited to expand this list!

Why Does Force Media Not Work with Everyone?

Although we welcome businesses of all sizes and fields, sometimes we have to decide not to work with certain businesses for their best interests and our own. We pride ourselves on the long term relationships we build with our clients, so it is important that we form relationships that mutually benefit both sides. 

Typically, we choose not to pursue a client for at least one of three reasons:

  1. Our client count for the month has been reached.
  2. Our values do not align with this business.
  3. Our services do not fit what the client actually needs.

1. Our Client Count For the Month has been Reached

We only commit to two new clients a month so we can dedicate more time and energy to getting to know and help our new clients. However, if we have a third client reach out that aligns with our values and would benefit from our services, we are happy to work with them on a later starting date to give them the proper attention and results they deserve. 

2. Our Values Do Not Align with this Business

At Force Media, we treasure our values and incorporate them into everything we do. For this reason, we aren't going to invest our skills into a company we don't believe in just to get a paycheck. We will, therefore, deny client requests with management, products, services, or beliefs that do not align with our values. It is important that we believe in what our clients are selling and how they are selling it in order to create authentic, enthusiastic marketing campaigns we can stand behind. 

3. Our Services Do Not Fit What the Client Actually Needs

As mentioned before, it is important that our partnerships benefit both us and our clients. Sometimes, this means acknowledging that our services will not provide the client with exactly what they need. It's our job as a media marketing agency to guide our clients in the right direction, not just take whatever money they want to spend with us.

Sometimes, what a client thinks they need and what they actually need are different, and it's our promise to always be honest when starting a new relationship. We'd rather say no and point you in the right direction with another agency. This doesn't happen too often, but when it does, we are ready to refer!

Force Media client meeting


Key takeaways: 

  • Media marketing agencies help clients find business through marketing and video production tactics.
  • Force Media works with all business types and sizes and is eager to make new connections.
  • Long-term client relationships are important to us, so we only take jobs that mutually benefit both sides. 
  • We only accept two new clients a month. It is important to us that the clients match our values and will find value from our partnership.

At Force Media, we pride ourselves on our client relationships, our values, and the quality of our work, and sometimes that means we have to deny certain client requests to provide the most value to both us and our clients. 

Think Force Media may be the right fit for your business? Head on over to our discovery form to book a call with our team! With this form, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your business personally before agreeing to work together. 

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to talking with you soon!

September 28, 2023
from our office in
Norcross, GA