The 3 Types of Videos Your Business Needs

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Brand Videos
  • Paid Digital Ads
  • Custom Videos
  • Conclusion


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Expanding your business’ video library can be one of the worthiest investments you can make. Videos are excellent materials for populating your social media platforms, covering the information you always have to repeat, and introducing new eyes to your brand and what makes it unique. 

But what is the difference between the three main types of marketing videos? How do each of their goals differ, and how can you decide which one you need next?

My name is Hannah Robertson: Force Media’s copywriter with years of writing experience. Today, I am going to answer these questions by defining the “who, what, where, why, and how” of each marketing video type.

  • Note: These are the highlights from the designated pages on our website for these videos. For more detail on each video type, be sure to check out the links at the top of each section!

Brand Videos 

What are Brand Videos?

As best defined on our designated page, “a brand video tells the unique story of your business in 3-5 minutes and helps convert viewers into lifelong customers. This video is the centerpiece of your website, digital ads and marketing campaign.”

Here is Force Media's latest brand video to give you an example!

For more video examples, check out our portfolio!

Why Create a Brand Video?

There are endless reasons to create a brand video, but one of the most important of which is how quickly and easily it can share your business’ story. Everywhere you post it, viewers will understand who you are, what you offer, and who you serve without needing a representative to explain it to them.

Beyond this, brand videos have proven time and again its ability to:

  • increase leads, sales and conversions;
  • establish industry brand authority;
  • grow website traffic;
  • elevate brand awareness;
  • and connect with your target audience.

Where Should You Share Brand Videos?

Brand videos should be the face of your business, so put them everywhere you are. Digital ad campaigns, social profiles, in your office lobby, during sales meetings, etc.

Who are Brand Videos Made For?

These videos can appeal to the general public or to potential, new, or existing customers. It could even be great material for prospective or current employees to understand what they are applying for and what image they would have to maintain on the job.

How Do You Make a Great Brand Video?

Every brand video is different, but the most important piece of advice we have is to be unique to your brand. Brand videos establish trust, culture, authority, and credibility, so don’t waste this opportunity by trying to look like something your business is not.

Paid Digital Ads

What are Paid Digital Ads?

Paid digital ads are ads specifically designed for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Here are some examples of paid digital ads Force Media has made for social media platforms:

For more video examples, check out our portfolio!

Where Should You Share a Paid Digital Ad?

For best results, you should post paid digital ads on social media platforms through front-end or back-end methods.

Not sure where your business should be found online? Check out our blog post “Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On?” to discover which social media platforms best meet your business’ online goals and audience.

Why Create a Paid Digital Ad?

Still images are also an amazing marketing tool on social media, so why invest in videos? As noted on our webpage dedicated to digital ads, “in the digital age of fleeting attention spans, video assets are key for engaging those who want to know more, reaching those completely unfamiliar, and securing leads that will grow your business.”

Social media video ads consistently:

  • increase investment return;
  • share your story quickly;
  • improve brand awareness;
  • and drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Who are Paid Digital Ads Made For?

One of the most powerful marketing tools on social media is the ability to directly target a specific demographic through back-end advertisements, so knowing your target audience before you market is key. For more information on finding your right target audience, check out “5 Ways To Find Your Target Audience.”

How Do You Make a Great Paid Digital Ad?

Take your time to carefully test the marketing tools available on each social media platform, as the demographic-targeting tools on platforms like Facebook can be a game changer. Creating video ads that make the most of this tool appeal to different stages of consumer life, which consistently proves to earn great results. 

Here is an example of appealing to different consumers in this manner: a video ad of a lawn before and after testimonial would be aimed at homeowners, whereas a video ad showing the process of designing a backyard would be aimed at new homeowners.

Custom Videos

What are Custom Videos?

“Custom videos” is a term that applies to any other type of video that will help market your company or save it money. Trust me, we’ve worked with it all, including:

  • internal onboarding and education;
  • customer testimonials;
  • sales training and case studies;
  • product demos;
  • event hype or recap;
  • documentaries;

and much, much more!

Here are a few examples we have done:

For more video examples, check out our portfolio!

Why Create Custom Videos?

Custom videos are the best tools for saving your business time and, therefore, money. For example, instead of having to train every single new employee that comes in, a series of videos can do it for you. 

Additionally, as our page dedicated to them explains, custom videos “[show] you’ve taken the time to invest in the company, people, and product. It's also a chance to separate your business from the competition.”

Who are Custom Videos Made For?

Who you make these videos for greatly depends on the type of video you are making. It could be prospective customers, new team members, existing customers, long-term team members, board of directors, or anyone else you are in communication with as a business.

How Do You Make a Great Custom Video?

Be sure to share these videos everywhere to save as much time as possible and to show as many people as possible that you are committed to this business and someone worthy of their trust.

Where Should You Share a Custom Video?

‍While they may be shared on social media platforms, that is not the primary goal of creating the video, which differentiates these videos from paid digital ads. Depending on its goal, these videos could be shared at/on:

  • in-person stores;
  • company websites;
  • all social media platforms;
  • trade shows and events;
  • sales meetings;
  • internal meetings;
  • webinars;
  • off-site meetings.
Force Media team watching a finished video
After filming all the footage, it is rewarding to watch it all back!


Key takeaways:

  • Brand videos present your business' story in 3-5 minutes to new and old customers wherever your business can be found. When accurate to your business' culture and values, these videos will quickly and easily share your business’ story and secure leads.
  • Paid digital ads are specifically designed for social media platforms, which are excellent for reaching new members of your target audience when used properly. Video ads perform exceptionally well on social media, even compared to still photo ads in most circumstances.
  • Custom videos are any other type of video that will help market your company. They are a great way to inform viewers about your business while also saving you time and money, especially if shared in many places.

From brand videos to paid digital ads to custom videos, marketing videos are the best way to reach new people, save you time, and set you apart from the competition. The more videos you have to share, the more eyes you will draw to your business. 

Want to build your video library? Force Media may be just the agency to help. As a marketing agency crossed trained in video production, we know both how to get you the tangible results you’ve been missing and how to make your business shine on camera. Request a quote today to start your video journey.

There you have it! Now you know the three types of marketing videos needed to bring your business to the next level. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to working with you soon!


September 17, 2023
from our office in
Norcross, GA

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