7 Tips to Become a Better Content Creator

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  1. Study trends
  2. Create new trends!
  3. Give your content purpose
  4. Post consistently
  5. Audit your content library
  6. Organize brand aesthetics
  7. Use the right equipment
  • Conclusion
"How to make content like a social media manager"
Our social media manger, Allie, sharing some tips!


Ever wonder how to post like a pro? So much goes into digital content creation that it can be overwhelming to address all of the questions involved:

What kind of content appeals to your customers? Where can you find content to use? And how do you create an eye-catching profile that compels followers to do business with you?

Wonder no longer! My name is Hannah: Force Media’s copywriter with years of writing experience. Today, I am going to walk you through each of your content creation questions with special insight from Allie: our wonderful social media manager.

1. Study trends

To appeal to your target audience, Allie states that you first have to know what kind of content appeals to them! One of the easiest and cheapest ways to accomplish this as a new content creator is to research competitors of similar fields and audiences to study industry trends. 

You can do this by simply observing competitors by seeing which posts have the most likes and comments and what about the content promotes this engagement. You can also study trends with your content through A/B tests, where you share two different posts via back-end means and see which has the stronger engagement.

Overall, the more you study, the more knowledgeable you will be in drawing in your audience.

2. Create new trends!

Once you have the following and the knowledge, brainstorm ways that you can change follower engagement as a trendsetter. Becoming a “thought leader” means that you can create the new trends that draw in customers and, as the first of its kind, you reap the most rewards!

3. Give your content purpose

You can never know for sure which posts are going to take off, so treat every post with the same amount of care and planning to cover your bases. Namely, make sure every post has:

  • Clear goals
  • An attention-grabbing hook
  • A call to action

A post with high vanity metrics and no results is almost the same as a post with neither. Make sure that every post has a clear purpose so that viewers know why they are watching this (goal), why they want to watch this (hook), and what to do now that they have watched this (call to action).

4. Post consistently

Consistent, well-thought-out posting is key for gaining attention and engagement. Allie recommends that content creators follow a “content calendar,” in which they push their audience knowledge even further by posting at days and times appealing to their audience. 

For example, a business professional won’t be (or shouldn’t be, at least ;)) on social media during work hours, so posting at their leisurely hours may gain more traction from that demographic.

5. Audit your content library

It may feel as though you can only post after acquiring new content, but Allie stresses that “there may be ways to repurpose content that you already have at your fingertips.” Don’t be afraid to use old content in a new way; your following will appreciate it more than you may think!

6. Organize brand aesthetics 

Within the context of your brand kit, create a creative aesthetic that aligns with the brand and buyer persona. Use the same company colors and logos across platforms to create a professional aesthetic appealing to your market. 

7. Use the right equipment

Rely on tools and equipment that can take the professionalism of your content to the next level, specifically cameras! Allie states that using a tripod or stabilizer can improve the quality of the video. Plus, it is much less distracting than shakily holding the camera by hand!

Allie also recommends that you:

  • Review the camera settings on your phone to improve resolution.
  • OR research and invest in a camera more fit for your business' content creation needs.

Remember: the quality of your videos and pictures reflect the quality of your brand, so make sure your post quality is nice!

Allie Harris of Force Media in a marketing meeting


Key takeaways:

  • Study your competitors and your own content to see which posts encourage the most engagement from your target audience. The more you learn, the better you will do at attracting attention and creating your own trends!
  • Be purposeful with your content so that viewers always know what their next step should be toward conducting business with you.
  • Use a content calendar to post consistently at times that work best with your audience.
  • Be conscious of your brand colors and logos to make for an appealing, professional page.
  • Finally, remember your resources. Old content from your media library and equipment like tripods are some of the easiest and most effective sources of content!

There you have it! Now you know how to engage customers, post with purpose, and keep viewers coming back for more like a pro. 

Need some more tips or insight? Force Media is happy to help! As a media marketing agency with years of experience, we have transformed digital marketing campaigns for countless clients. Just fill out our brief application page, or follow us and Allie on Instagram!

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you in the feed!

January 16, 2024
from our office in
Norcross, GA

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