How Can I Promote My Small Business Online?

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  • Introduction
  • Small Business Social Media Promotion
  • Small Business Website Promotion
  • After Catching Attention
  • Conclusion

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Starting a small business is rewarding yet difficult for so many reasons. Arguably, there is no harder time than when you first start. How do you even get your target audience to know your small business exists?

You’re in luck! In the digital age, small business promotion has never been easier.

My name is Hannah: Force Media’s copywriter with years of writing experience. Today, we’re going to cover small business online promotion through social media strategies and eye-catching websites. 

Small Business Social Media Promotion

1. Picking the Best Platforms

Before diving into a social media marketing campaign, it is important to identify which platform works best for your business and audience. Different platforms appeal to different ages, genders, businesses, etc., so be sure to thoroughly research each option to know which is best for your small business. We encourage you to pick multiple social media platforms so long as you are capable of being active across them all.

Remember that social media includes Google Ads, Google My Business, and even emails, too!

2. Utilize Both Front-End and Back-End Marketing

As covered in our designated blog post, front-end marketing (aka regular social media posts) is a great way to maintain returning customer appeal while back-end marketing (aka paid ads targeting certain demographics) is excellent for finding new customers. 

Since new and old customers are important regardless of the product or service, it is smart to find a balance of both strategies as you sit fit to promote your small business. 

3. Encourage Engagement

Once you’ve created your accounts and designed your marketing strategy, it is time to decide the best ways to bring your campaign to life. This often means encouraging your viewers to engage. 

Most social media platforms operate on an “algorithm,” meaning that the content users find is chosen for them personally based on their engagement habits with other posts. That said, the front-end posts that get the most likes, shares, comments, and views are much more likely to be favored by the algorithm. Engagement is key for big followings!

There are many ways to promote engagement. Some users have gotten very creative, like creating seamless video loops so users can’t tell that they’ve watched a video several times. You do not have to be so creative, however. Something as simple as calls to action in your captions compelling people to answer a question or share with a friend can take you a long way. 

Small Business Website Promotion

Like any other digital marketing presence, the best results find those webpages that people can most easily find. So how do you get your webpage to be the top “ranking” result for a Google search? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you take the necessary SEO steps, you’ll find your web page higher on searches and more likely to get traffic.

1. Write Stellar Ad Copy

A massive part of SEO success comes down to ad copy. Here are some of the most SEO friendly ad copy practices to apply to your website:

  • Feature a clear call to action at the top of the homepage.
  • Mind “keywords” that people may search online when looking for your product or service and include it as often as naturally possible. (Note: Don’t be obnoxious about it! Remember that you are writing for people, too. Not just a computer.)
  • List the locations you serve if applicable at least once on the homepage.
  • Use consistent company names and taglines across all pages and socials.

2. Be User Friendly

After ad copy, SEO favors pages that are considered “user friendly” for doing the following:

  • Minding mobile app accessibility. (Note: Most web traffic will come from mobile phone browsers!)
  • Compressing large image and video files to minimize loading times.
  • Including “alt text” for every image.
  • Keeping all webpage links within three clicks of the homepage.

3. Hire a Designer

From negative space considerations to colors and fonts, there is far too much to cover about web design in just one blog post. For that reason, we highly recommend reaching out to a professional web designer that can bring your vision to life. It will save you so much time and grant you meaningful SEO rewards in the long run!

After Catching Attention

Once you have people interested in your small business online, remember to show them everything that makes your business special. Post your favorite reviews! Use consistent brand imagery! Share a brand video that shows who your business is! Once viewers see that you are professional, trusted, and proud of what you do, you will watch your business will blast off.

Revenue growth with Force Media
A digital marketing campaign can bring your small business to new heights!


Key takeaways:

  • Small businesses find the most success on social media with the right platform(s), a careful front-end and back-end marketing strategy, and a strong effort to engage viewers across algorithms.
  • To maximize SEO appeal and secure more website visits, make sure your webpage has conscientious ad copy, accessibility, and web design choices.
  • With the added attention across online platforms, be sure to show off content that displays your credibility and uniqueness to secure prospective customers.

There you have it! Now you know the social media, website, and content practices that will attract attention to your small business. 

Still feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Force Media is here to help! We have helped countless clients transform their digital marketing campaigns into tangible profit. Just fill out our discovery form, and our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. 

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to thrusting your business into the spotlight!

November 28, 2023
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